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Terrorism is double-edged

By Zafarul-Islam Khan

It is still not clear if last month’s London blasts were the handiwork of Al-Qaeda, angry youth or were in some way executed or facilitated by Britain’s ruthless MI6. Infiltration of would-be terrorist modules and directing them to certain operations is a well-known tactic of intelligence agencies. The Al-Qaeda trail in London bombings has run cold and the “sophisticated” bombs have turned out to be home-made ones. The Ayodhya attack at about same time too smacks of similar tactics.

There is no doubt that there is anger in the Muslim communities worldwide against the American-British brutal occupation of Iraq and blind support of Zionist crimes in Palestine. “Backlash” or “blowback” was expected and indeed many warned against it. No power should think that its crimes will go unpunished. Victims will fight back with whatever they can. They may not have Stealth aircraft and Patriot missiles but they have their own bodies to blow if driven to the wall and this is what they are doing in Iraq and Palestine. No doubt, Americans and Britishers too will resort to similar tactics if their countries are occupied by a foreign power.

Americans and their lackies should realise that there is a limit to what others may accept and lump. The sooner they rectify their mistakes and review their grandiose plans to control world resources the better. If they fail to learn, blowback will only intensify and the tormentors will feel the heat on their own streets and undergrounds.

Resistance in Iraq and Palestine is fully justified under Islamic and international laws as every occupied nation and country is fully entitled to resist foreign occupation in whatever way it can in order to drive away the invaders. But people living in countries like the US and UK, as citizens or guests with visas, are not allowed at all to indulge in such criminal activities which are against the covenant they have willingly accepted when applying for citizenship or seeking visas. If they feel strongly about the injustice, they should go to Iraq and Palestine and any other similarly occupied country and fight there. They will be fully justified under Islam and international law to do so, while their treacherous and terrorist acts against their host societies are clearly abhorred by Islam which does not tolerate treachery. Even a Muslim state is not allowed to declare war against another state without first abolishing treaties with that country. (Source: The Milli Gazette, 1-15 August 2005)

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan is Director of The Institute of Islamic & Arab Studies, New Delhi and is editor of The Milli Gazette (Fortnightly Newspaper),  Muslim India (Monthly Journal) & Muslim & Arab Perspectives journal. He may be contacted at zi*@zi*.in

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