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Why re-trial in Babri Masjid case?

Dr Khan made this comment on nr*******@go**********.com on 21 April, 2017 but somehow it was not posted on the group:

The criminals have extracted every possible benefit from their crime. Looking at the history of Gujarat pogroms and fake encounters, there is no hope that the criminals will be brought to justice in this world. Then why this sudden decision at the behest of CBI which is a handmaiden of the PMO? They are hitting many targets with one stone: Show the world and the country that they believe in rule of law; throw the old guard out of their way for ever; and keep Hindutva pot boiling right up to 2019 (daily court hearing will ensure this). It is a sure shot for continued polarisation leading to re-election in 2019.

Zafarul-Islam Khan

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